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Precertification for Professional Real Estate Appraisers

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 43, Chapter 9, Subchapter F, provides rules for contracting for professional real estate appraisal services. These rules require that the appraiser be precertified by TxDOT. The opportunity to submit an application for precertification will remain open under current state rules. The precertification process is neither an award of a contract nor is it a guarantee of work, but you must be precertified by TxDOT before we may consider your response to Requests for Proposal (RFPs). Appraisers must renew their certifications through TxDOT every five years.

TxDOT will publish RFPs for professional real estate appraisal services every two years and based on business needs. You must be listed as an approved TxDOT precertified real estate appraiser no earlier than Aug. 12, 2012, to be eligible for consideration under the RFP process. Prior TxDOT precertification does not qualify.

Contact us with questions relating to the precertification process.