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Safe Routes to School (SRTS) - Program Information

2009 Awards

The Texas Transportation Commission recently approved $54.1 million to fund 200 projects in more than 73 communities.

The Purpose of SRTS

The SRTS programs make walking and biking to school safer and more appealing to children, including those with disabilities. SRTS projects and activities reduce traffic, fuel consumption and air pollution near primary and middle schools (grades K-8).

SRTS Program Background

SRTS, contained in the 2005 federal transportation bill SAFETEA-LU, provides a healthy alternative to riding the bus or being driven to school. Each state receives funding based on its percentage of the national total of children in grades K-8. Texas anticipates receiving approximately $40 million in SRTS funding between 2005 and 2009.

Preparing to Apply

Communities can take steps to prepare for the next SRTS Program. Gathering fundamental information and creating local partnerships will help school districts and communities effectively plan for increased walking and bicycling to school and reductions in other modes of travel. Applicants can also view our sample Safe Routes to School Plan.

Schools must have an SRTS Plan reviewed and approved by TxDOT in order to be eligible to apply for any type of SRTS funding prior to submission of a proposal. Information and step-by-step guidance on how to get an SRTS Plan started can be found at