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Texas Rail Plan

The Transportation Commission approved the Texas Rail Plan on November 18, 2010. The new Texas Rail Plan addresses future and existing passenger and freight rail service in Texas.

The plan accomplishes the following:

  • Inventories and reviews all rail lines
  • Analyzes rail service goals and rail's contribution to the state
  • Develops a long-range rail investment program in freight and passenger infrastructure
  • Examines public financing issues for projects and service
  • Reviews rail safety improvement projects

Public Input

Stakeholder input was vital to the development of a sound rail plan. Public outreach meetings were scheduled throughout the state to provide individuals an opportunity to learn more about the plan and provide their input.

Open Records Requests

This page is for public comments concerning the Texas Rail Plan, it is not used for responding to requests for information. If you would like to make a request for information from TxDOT, please visit our Open Records Policy page.

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