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Training and Development

Non-TxDOT staff, consultants or contractors may attend the following events or training classes. If you plan to submit payment in the form of a check, please be sure that the check date is the day of the class. To inquire about enrollment, contact us.

For more information, contact us at (512) 416-2691 or (512) 416-2616.

Dates Course Number/Title Cost Location Class Limit
Ongoing TxDOT Environmental Training Classes Varies Austin TBA

Note: Courses are offered to non-TxDOT staff on a first-come, first-served basis as space is available. Course fees must be paid and received by TxDOT in advance to reserve a course seat. Fees will be accepted by check or money order made out to "Texas Department of Transportation."

Time that payment is received by TxDOT will determine seating priority if class space does not meet demand. The deadline for non-TxDOT staff to enroll is 10 business days before a course date.

TxDOT reserves the right to cancel a course and return fees paid. TxDOT also reserves the right within one calendar week before a course to return course fees to non-TxDOT enrollees on a "last-come basis" in order to reclaim course seats as needed to accommodate TxDOT staff enrollees. No certification is implied or intended by TxDOT for those who attend and complete a course.