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In 2009, the Texas Transportation Commission, in response to a recommendation from the Legislature, selected an independent audit firm, Grant Thornton, LLP, to conduct a top-down management and organizational review. The final report was delivered to the Commission on May 26, 2010.

TxDOT Restructure Council

The Commission then asked three outside experts, Jay Kimbrough, David Laney, and Howard Wolf, to serve as the TxDOT Restructure Council (Council). The Council evaluated the Grant Thornton report, as well as other audits and reviews, and presented their report of priorities and recommendations to the Commission on January 5, 2011. The Restructure Council report provided the foundation and focus for the TxDOT Modernization Project.

Modernization Leadership Team

In March 2011, at the direction of the Transportation Commission, the Modernization Leadership Team (MLT) was formed to champion the TxDOT Modernization effort. Made up of district engineers and division, office and region directors, this group of diverse leaders was committed to leading this effort. They worked diligently to ensure positive improvements were made and that TxDOT employees and our industry stakeholders and partners were involved along the way.

In June 2011, TxDOT hired the Kaeppel Consulting firm to assist the department in implementing the recommendations from the Restructure Council report.

Operational Excellence

The MLT completed their assignment in May 2012 as the Modernization efforts transitioned to the Operational Excellence phase, which will now be overseen by TxDOT Administration and supported by the new Operational Excellence Office.

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