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SH 249 - Todd Mission to Navasota

The purpose of this project is to identify a potential route or routes for SH 249 between Todd Mission and Navasota.

A recommended study area for the proposed project was presented at an open house in October 2013. More than 230 people attended and we received over 40 comments. Based on comments from the open house, TxDOT identified additional environmental constraints for design considerations. An evaluation process was started to identify and compare potential routes with the project purpose and needs. Several alternatives have been proposed throughout this process, as TxDOT continues to refine the alignment preference based on public input:

  • Six alternatives were presented at the open house on April 3, 2014. Alignment B3 was recommended to be compared to the no-build alternative.
  • After considering comments and input received during the study, a hybrid alignment combining alternatives B and C was shared and posted on the TxDOT website in the summer of 2015.
  • TxDOT then analyzed a variety of alignment adjustments to the preferred route for SH 249 after additional meetings with property owners and stakeholders to gather input. This effort, along with on-going engineering and environmental considerations, is yielding a preferred alternative (which is indicated as the blue alignment). This route will be documented in the draft environmental report and taken to a public hearing in early 2016.
  • Based on the results of the hearing, a design-build consulting team would be selected by summer to move the project forward.


The proposed improvements are expected to provide the following, as outlined in the purpose and needs identified by the SH 249 Working Group:

  • Improve safety: Crash rates on FM 1774 and SH 105 exceed the statewide average
  • Address traffic growth: Since 1980, traffic has increased 274 percent on FM 1774 and 197 percent on SH 105 
  • Improve regional connections: Provide transportation system continuity to surrounding area
  • Address evacuation needs: Increase evacuation capacity during emergencies

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Next Steps

  • Public Hearing - Early 2016
  • Environmental Decision - Anticipated Summer 2016
  • Construction - Estimated Fall 2016


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