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The US 290 project is scheduled to take 3 years. The project has been divided into 6 phases.

Phase 1 (4 months)

Process Status
Lower the frontage road under the BNSF railroad bridge Complete
Remove all cross-overs Complete
Minor detour work on US 290 east of FM 577 and west of BU 290 Complete
Begin construction of elevated section of US 290 between FM 577 and BU 290 Complete

Phase 2
(6.5 months)

Process Status
Convert the frontage roads to one-way operation Complete
Construct U-turn lanes under the existing bridge at SH 36 In Progress
Connect frontage roads on east end of project to the existing mainlanes. Complete
Rebuild sections of WB frontage road and construct new entrance ramp east of SH 36 Complete
Rebuild EB frontage road between SH 36 and BU 290 and construct new exit ramp east of SH 36 Complete
Widen US 290 from new ramps to SH 36 In Progress