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Scientific Services Projects - Requests for Proposals

The Environmental Affairs Division (ENV) manages its contracts for scientific services by issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) to solicit proposals from service providers. ENV issues contracts pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 223, Subchapter D, and 43 TAC 9.80-9.88.

Current RFP:

  • Environmental Documentation Services 57-5RFPSD001. ENV is soliciting proposals for up to six (6) indefinite deliverable, scientific services contracts for the production of environmental documentation and other environmental services. These contracts will be issued pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 223, Subchapter D, and 43 TAC 9.80-9.88. Services to be provided include producing environmental documentation to include documentation to support the determination of categorical exclusions, environmental assessments, quality assurance/quality control reviews and performing other environmental services and support services for transportation activities identified under 23 CFR 771, 43 TAC Part 1, Chapter 2, and other statutes and regulations related to compliance with federal and state environmental standards.

Download the specifications and other required documents on the state Comptroller's Electronic State Business Daily website.

Prospective proposers who have obtained this RFP from TxDOT’s website must notify TxDOT of their interest in the RFP if they wish to receive information regarding clarifications or amendments to the RFP package. Proposers who have not notified TxDOT of their interest in the RFP waive all claims to redress if they submit proposals that receive reduced scores because the proposals do not incorporate or respond to clarifications or amendments to the RFP package. Prospective proposers who have downloaded this RFP may notify TxDOT of their interest by email or mail it to the following via United States Postal Service (USPS) mail or commercial delivery to:

Texas Department of Transportation
Attn: Bruce Calder – ENV
118 East Riverside Drive
Austin, TX 78704

The notification must contain the RFP number, proposer’s name, point of contact, mailing address, voice and fax telephone numbers and e-mail address. All questions or clarifications must be submitted in writing.  

Upcoming RFP

  • Archaeological General Services. ENV plans to request proposals for up to four indefinite delivery contracts to perform archeological services required for transportation activities under federal and state statutes. The contracts may be awarded to perform the following services statewide:
    • Archeological excavation and reporting services
    • Archeological survey and impact evaluation services
    • Other archeological support services

TxDOT plans to post the RFPs and notices of request for letters of interest sometime in late November or early December 2014.