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Construction Division Director

John F. Obr, P.E.John F. Obr, P.E., serves as director of Construction

Obr has served as the director of the Construction Division since November 2011. Prior to that he was the San Angelo district engineer. Obr began his career with the agency in 1987 as a summer hire in the Waco district bridge office. as a summer hire in the Waco district bridge office. In January 1988, he was hired as a full-time engineering assistant in the Waco District. During the next five years, he was involved in both design and construction in the Waco Area Office.

Upon earning his professional engineer license in 1993, Obr briefly worked in the district advance planning section before serving as the Belton assistant area engineer and later, the Gatesville area engineer. In 1999, he was tasked with the start-up of the Waco I-35 Project Office before returning to Belton in 2003 as the area engineer. Before his tenure as the district engineer in San Angelo, Obr served as the director of construction for the Beaumont District.

Obr is the former president of the Central Texas Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers. While in Bell County, Obr became very involved locally and is also a member of the Temple Business League. A Waco area native, he earned his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University in 1987.

Contact Obr by phone at (512) 416-2559 or by email.