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Bid Recording Report Solicitations - Bid Tabs FY 2013

The table below contains FY 2013 bids for services, equipment and products in bulk.

Open Date Solicitation No. Description Format
08/29/13 B442013041080000 Media placement services
08/29/13 B442013043333000 Licensed commercial first officer services
08/28/13 Q442013045996000 Spectrometer
08/28/13 Q442013040567000 Spectrometer
08/27/13 Q442013046632000 Support and update services, microcomputer software
08/26/13 Q442013040232000 Survey, traffic, commercial vehicle
08/23/13 Q442013040231000 Surveys, traffic, household/activity travel
08/02/13 Q442013035818000 Survey, traffic, workplace and special generator travel
07/29/13 Q312013038886000 Integrated diagnostic system
07/26/13 B442013031824000 Window washing services
07/26/13 B442013037998000 Painting building facilities
07/19/13 Q442013035526000 Surveys, traffic, household/activity travel
07/16/13 Q442013035527000 Surveys, traffic, commercial vehicle
07/05/13 B442013035996000 Elimination of architectural barriers
06/17/13 Q442013026573000 Security access systems exit door
06/11/13 B332013032229000 Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), meeting GPA standard 2140-96, and TxDOT specification number 405-03-48, latest issue
06/06/13 Q442013034780000 Digital Publishing
06/04/13 B442013035482000 Manual processing and distress identification
06/04/13 Q442013027595000 Security access systems exit door
05/24/13 B442013016023000 Elevator maintenance and repair services
05/24/13 B312013024046000 Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), meeting GPA standard 2140-96, and TxDOT specification number 405-03-48, latest issue
05/13/13 B442013023447000 GPS and laser, under clearance data for bridges and overhead sign bridges, in accordance with TxDOT specification 961-41-25, latest revision
05/08/13 B442013023517000 Sponsorship program - highway related services
04/23/13 B442013024172000 Freight transportation services, interstate
04/12/13 Q442013026833000 Testing Support Services
03/27/13 Q442013022269000 Software maintenance - support
03/27/13 Q442013023130000 Business continuity management system service
03/25/13 B442013024176000 Training, software specific (in-service)
03/06/13 B332013017398000 Liquefied petroleum gas (LGP)
02/22/13 Q442013016630000 In-service training (for employees)
02/22/13 B442013009355000 Software implementation
02/08/13 Q442013013566000 Survey, traffic, workplace and special generator travel
02/04/13 B332013003839000 Rental of uniforms for men and women, ferry operations
02/01/13 Q442013010546000 Surveys, traffic, household/activity
01/18/13 Q442013010545000 Surveys, traffic, commercial vehicle - survey selection, sample and recruitment
01/09/13 B442013007834000 Toll operation services - administration and operations
B442013006697000 Traffic control and trenching services
Management services, fleet customer accounts
12/18/12 B442013003794000 Real time system management information program services - traffic information and traffic data for the internet
11/16/12 B332012036701000 Marine equipment maintenance and repair
11/13/12 B442013004776000 Freight transportation services, specialized
B442012049607000 Carpentry services, to include installation, renovation and restoration - carpenter, regular hours
B332012023743000 Underground utility location services, project manager, regular hours
10/12/12 B342013002019000 Liquefied petroleum gas (lpg), meeting GPA standard 2140-96, and TxDOT specification number 405-03-48, latest issue-hd5 propane (bulk delivery)
10/10/12 Q442013000989000 Programming services for computer software
10/03/12 B442012034410000 Management services, fleet customer accounts - guarantee payment for tolls incurred by fleet vehicle drivers
09/27/12 B442012033712000 Statewide training services for Microsoft Office 2010, Visio, and Project
09/27/12 Q442013000318000 Retrieval services
09/07/12 B442012049109000 Pruning services, tree, class 2
09/07/12 Q442012046301000 Workplace and special generator
09/07/12 B442012049109000 SV tree trimming tor Austin divisions - re-advertisement

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