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Crash Records Forms

You may download the software (Tools and Plug-Ins) needed to access forms or view frequently asked questions (Online Forms FAQs).

Crash Reports

Due to their confidential nature, crash reports are not available for online viewing by the general public.

Individual reports may be requested on the TxDOT Crash Reports and Records Web page.

Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report Forms

This section contains the most current CR-3 materials and should be used to report all crashes occurring on or after Jan. 1, 2010. As of Jan. 1, 2010, the CR-3 and CR-3C (Commercial Motor Vehicle Supplement) were combined so that the CR-3C information is now part of the CR-3 form.

The CR-3 Alternate was made available on July 1, 2011 as an alternative to officers who choose not to use the 2010 CR-3 form. Officers who choose to use the CR-3 Alternate should refer to the CR-100 Alternate instructions for filling out the form. A Notification to Law Enforcement on the use of the CR-3 Alternate is available.

Note: These forms are for use by law enforcement only. Web browser compatibility information can be found using the Online Forms FAQs.

No. Title Format
CR-3 Microsoft Excel Version (97-2003)

Note: This is the only version available. No upgrades to new Excel versions will be supported.

CR-3 Fillable PDF
CR-3 Print PDF Version
CR-3 Code Sheets (for Filling Out the CR-3 Form)
CR-100 Instructions to Police for Reporting Crashes 2013 Edition (Revised: 01/2013)
CR-3 Alternate CR-3 Alternate Version
CR-100 Alternate CR-100 Alternate - Instructions to Police for Reporting Crashes
(Revised: 07/13/2014) (For Use with Form CR-3 Alternate only)

2015 Form CR-3 (DRAFT)

TxDOT, in partnership with the Texas Department of Public Public Safety, is currently modifying the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (Form CR-3) for use effective Jan. 1, 2015. A draft, showing the proposed changes to the Form and the Code Sheet is available below.

No. Title Format
2015 CR-3 Proposed Form Changes
2015 CR-3CS Proposed Code Sheet Changes
2015 CR-3 Alternate Proposed Alternate Changes

2015 Law Enforcement XSD and XML Files

Law enforcement agencies submitting their crash records using the Submission Services option will use the 2015 XSD Agency Schema Definition file for records submitted as of Jan. 1, 2015. Open Notepad and navigate to the XSDs and the XML files to open.

Tools Title Format
Regular 2015 XSD Schema Definition
Submission Services
2015 XSD Agency Schema Definition
2015 Sample XML

2009 Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report Forms

The forms and publications in this section were used to report all crashes occurring before January 1, 2010 and should only be used to provide supplemental information for crashes that occurred in 2009.

Note: These forms are for use by law enforcement only.

No. Title Format
CR-3 Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report
CR-3C Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Supplement to the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report
CR-100 Instructions to Police for Reporting Crashes

Other Crash Records Forms

No. Title Format
CR-2 Driver's Crash Report (Blue Form)
CR-80 Vehicle Damage Guide for Traffic Crash Investigators
CR-91 Request for Peace Officer's Crash Report
CR-91A Request for Copy of Driver's Crash Report
CR-102 Manual on Classification of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes in Texas
CR-1001 Death/Toxicology Report (Medical Examiner/Justice of the Peace)

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