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Cost Savings Program

As TxDOT endeavors to be the best DOT (department of transportation) in the nation, working safely and smartly, creating additional value in the duties we perform, and reducing expenses will all be key to our success.

In keeping with the growing continuous improvement culture at TxDOT, we are always seeking opportunities to improve our practices and capture cost savings. Our intent is to then re-direct those savings to priority agency tasks in support of the state’s transportation system.

Cast Your Vote

TxDOT has established a program for employees to submit cost-efficiency suggestions. Each quarter, TxDOT will post these suggestions for public voting.

Leadership Insights - Videos

The following videos provide some additional insight into our leadership’s perspective concerning TxDOT’s responsibility to seek out cost savings and achieve additional value in everything we do.

Name Role Title Media
Jeff Austin III
Texas Transportation Commissioner October 2012 Texas Transportation Commission Meeting Jeff Austin - October 2012 Texas Transportation Commission Meeting
Phil Wilson
TxDOT Executive Director January 2013 Executive Director Monthly Message to TxDOT Employees Phil Wilson - January 2013 Executive Director Monthly Message to TxDOT Employees

Cost Savings Tracker

During TxDOT's annual Short Course event held in October 2012, Texas Transportation Commissioner Jeff Austin III championed the cost savings effort and challenged TxDOT employees to find ways to save even more. His goal is to identify and capture $2 billion over the next few years. Thus far, more than $270 million has been captured in cost savings and cost avoidances.

Cost of Savings Tracker

TxDOT recognizes that it is critical that savings opportunities are identified not only at the top, but also by front-line employees, by researching best practices from similar entities and by consistently revisiting and understanding our customer requirements. With this perspective in mind, TxDOT employees at all levels can unearth opportunities for cost savings.

Cost Savings Achievements

Please take a moment to browse our recent cost savings achievements. These cost savings case studies reflect the work of resolute, knowledgeable and collaborative professionals determined to solve our state’s toughest transportation challenges and be good stewards of taxpayer money.