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Electronic Submission of Crash Reports


TxDOT’s Traffic Division uses the Crash Record Information System (CRIS) to maintain Texas peace officer crash reports. Each year TxDOT receives and processes roughly 550,000 of these reports. Each traditional paper report costs $4 to process, resulting in a $2.2 million annual processing cost.


TxDOT piloted an improvement to the crash reports process that encourages electronic submission of crash report data by law enforcement agencies. Each electronic report costs TxDOT only 96 cents to process.

The electronic submission of crash reports has resulted in a more efficient, accurate and streamlined reporting process for both TxDOT and law enforcement agencies. The number of agencies using the electronic submission method continues to grow and includes agencies from major metropolitan areas including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The Department of Public Safety plans to implement the program in 2013, marking a significant step in the state’s conversion from manual to electronic crash report submission.

Cost Savings

TxDOT continues to train law enforcement agencies on the electronic crash submission process in order to achieve its goal of converting 90% of all submissions to the digital format. Upon full rollout of the new process in FY13, identified cost savings are estimated at $1.5 million annually.