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The 2015 Educational Series focuses on a range of transportation issues affecting TxDOT and the state of Texas.

Introduction Introduction PDF
Aviation Aviation PDF
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program PDF
Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDAs) Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDAs) PDF
Contracting and Purchasing
Contracting and Purchasing PDF
Elected Officials District Office Signs Elected Officials District Office Signs PDF
Emergency Operations
Emergency Operations PDF
Eminent Domain Eminent Domain PDF
Energy Sector
Energy Sector PDF
Environmental Review Environmental Review PDF
Federal Government Federal Government PDF
Local Government Assistance Local Government Assistance PDF
Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Advertising PDF
Ports and Waterways Ports and Waterways PDF
Project Selection Project Selection PDF
Public Involvement
Public Involvement PDF
Public Transportation Public Transportation PDF
Rail Rail PDF
Road and Bridge Safety Road and Bridge Safety PDF
Rural Transportation Rural Transportation PDF
Specialized Highway Signs
Specialized Highway Signs PDF
Toll Roads
Toll Roads PDF
TxDOT Funding
TxDOT Funding PDF
Glossary PDF