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LBJ Express - Project History: FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the LBJ Express Project are provided below.

Why is the LBJ Express Project considered unique?

The LBJ Express Project has the following, unique features:

  • Drivers will have a choice to bypass main lane congestion by using managed lanes
  • The project is planned to have one of the most comprehensive and complex managed HOV lanes in the country.
  • It is the first TxDOT-solicited Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) project in the region
What are managed lanes?

Managed lanes are roadways which add lane capacity by combining High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and new express lanes to improve freeway efficiency.

Drivers on the I-635 corridor will have the choice of paying a toll to use the managed lanes or traveling for free on the general purpose lanes or frontage roads. Value pricing, based on the time of day, will result in faster and more reliable travel times.

The following are examples of managed lane projects in the United States:

  • I-10 (Katy) Freeway and US 290 HOV Lane - Houston, Texas
  • SR-91 Express Lanes - Orange County, Calif.
  • I-15 Managed Lanes - San Diego, Calif.
  • Lee County Bridges - Fort Myers, Fla.
  • I-394 MnPASS Express Lanes - Minneapolis, Minn.
What is a Comprehensive Development Agreement?

A Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) is a public-private partnership that gives transportation agencies the money, innovation and resources needed to build projects. In Texas, CDAs are awarded to a team of companies that may provide any combination of finance, design, construction, maintenance and operation services under TxDOT guidelines.

A CDA has been chosen for the I-635 Managed HOV Lanes Project to speed up project delivery and encourage competition in the private sector best value selection process. The region has a $55 billion funding shortfall. A CDA will bring innovation, financing and faster project delivery to assure a timely schedule within budget.

With your support, TxDOT, DART, NCTCOG, NTTA, Dallas County and the adjacent cities of Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland and Mesquite will continue to work in partnership with the CDA Team.

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