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Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan 2035 - Handouts

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General Handouts

Title Format
Transportation Planning and Project Development Process
Population/Population Change - Map
Modal Maps
Texas Trunk System - Phase 1 Corridors
Urbanized Area Transit Programs - Map
TxDOT Pocket Facts
Transportation Use Questionnaire
Transportation Use Questionnaire - Results

Meeting Boards

Title Format
Transportation Planning and the Project Development Process
Population/Population Change Map
Departmental Map
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Map
Total Average Daily Traffic (ADT) and Truck Volumes
State Highway Fund (SHF) Revenue Sources
Revenue Allocations
Financial Options
Phase 1 Trunk System Corridors - Deficient Roadway Segments
Other Trunk System Corridors - Deficient Roadway Segments
Draft Goals and Goal Comparisons
Pavement Quality
State Railroad Map
Airports and Waterways
Public Transportation
Statewide Rail Planning

Regional Stakeholder Meetings Presentations

Title Format
July 26-30, 2010 (2nd Round)

Existing Texas Transportation System Maps

Title Format
North Region
South Region
East Region
West Region