Local Let Maintenace Contracts For October 14

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Updated Thursday, October 30, 2014 @ 6:31:23 PM (CST)

Local Let Maintenace Contracts For October 14 (Total Projects: 6)
District County Highway Type of Work Let Date Project No. Control CSJ Est. Cost Waived/
BrownwoodColemanUS0283ROADSIDE MOWING10/30/14RMC - 6279860016279-86-001 $232,109.75W
BrownwoodComancheUS0067ROADSIDE MOWING10/30/14RMC - 6279870016279-87-001 $223,062.10W
BrownwoodMcCullochUS0087WIDEN CULVERT & PLACE MBGF10/30/14RMC - 6276640016276-64-001 $107,729.63W
BrownwoodMcCullochUS0190ROADSIDE MOWING10/30/14RMC - 6279880016279-88-001 $208,061.50W
BrownwoodSan SabaUS0190ROADSIDE MOWING10/30/14RMC - 6279890016279-89-001 $205,092.25W
LaredoWebbIH0035MAINTENANCE OF LARGE SIGNS10/30/14RMC - 6277440016277-44-001 $244,250.00W