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Public Transportation Publications


Date Title Format
  2014 Texas Transit Statistics
  2013 Texas Transit Statistics
  2012 Texas Transit Statistics
  2011 Texas Transit Statistics
  2010 Texas Transit Statistics
  2009 Texas Transit Statistics
  2008 Texas Transit Statistics
  2007 Texas Transit Statistics
  2006 Texas Transit Statistics
  2002-2005 Texas Transit Statistics
  Budget Document for Public Transportation Grants
  Federal Appropriations Table
  FTA ALI Codes
  Schedule of Trainings, Events and Holidays
02/14 Matching Funds Resource Guide
2013 Foundation Funding Search
09/05 Guidance for Transporting Medical Oxygen for Personal Use on Buses and Trains - U.S. DOT
2014 State Management Plan, FTA Section 5310, 5311, 5316 and 5317 Grant Programs
2012 Language Assistance Plan
10/2012 Multimodal System Brochure
2009 PTN-128 Reporting Manual: Texas Transit Provider Performance Reporting
09/03 Safety Data Acquisition and Analysis Guide
2003 Safety Guidelines for Rural and Small Urban Transit Agencies
2010 TCRP Report 140: A Guide for Planning and Operating Flexible Public Transportation Services
08/09 Texas Charter Compliance Guide
2012 Title VI Program
1/1/2009 Transit Roadeo Program
  Wichita Falls Transit System Vehicle Maintenance Plan

Public Transportation Systems

 Date Title Format
07/08 Lead Agencies for Regional Public Transportation Planning
09/10 Rural Public Transportation System Map
10/12 Urban Public Transportation System Map

Federal Programs Proposals

 Date Title Format
2012 Texas Application  
2012 Bus and Bus Facilities Livability Initiative (summary version of application submitted)

Transportation Improvement Program

Date Title Format
11/96 FTA Guidance on Transportation Improvement Programs
07/09 Transit Administrative Amendments
10/08 Transit Financial Summary
10/08 Transit Project Description Template
03/09 Transportation Improvement Program Guidance for Transit Projects

Transit Vehicle Procurement

Date  Title Format
  Cooperative Procurement Pilot Program (CPPP) - Sample Newspaper Advertisement
  Cooperative Procurement Pilot Program (CPPP) - Vehicle Quantities
  Invitation to Bid - Sample Letter
  Invitation to Bid - Sample Newspaper Advertisement
  Procured Cutaway Buses
  Procurement Manual - Best Practices
  Procurement History - Written Sample
01/03 Raised Roof Vans and Cutaways - General Instructions
  Raised Roof Vans and Cutaways - Vendors
01/03 Raised-Roof Van with Lift Specifications
08/04 Technical Specifications - Dedicated Propane Lift-Equipped Transit Vehicles
  Third Party Contracting Guidance
  Third Party Contracting Requirements
  Vehicle Purchase Reimbursement Option

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