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Speed Limit Drops on RM 652 and Highway 285 North of Pecos
Contact: Gene Powell
Phone: (432) 498-4746
Date: April 13, 2017

ODESSA – In the interest of safety, the speed limit on rural sections of U.S. Highway 285 and RM 652 in Loving and Reeves counties has been reduced. The reductions were recently approved by the Texas Transportation Commission.

 “This is being done solely in the interest of safety for the traveling public,” said Odessa District Engineer John R. Speed, P.E.. “We recognize that some will not appreciate this decision, but we feel it is the best course of action in terms of safety. We encourage motorists to follow all traffic laws and exercise patience when using this key energy sector corridor.”

Most speed limits that were 75 miles per hour have been dropped to 70 miles per hour. Around Orla, the speeds are lower because of the major intersection where the two roads meet. The speed limit around Orla is 55 miles per hour.

Speed limit signs were installed this week throughout the corridor. The area of Highway 285 that has been changed to 70 miles per hour goes from just north of Pecos to the New Mexico state line. All of RM 652 is now 70 miles per hour. The area around Orla is the exception thanks to the lower speed limit in place for the intersection.

Law enforcement is aware of the change. Now that the Texas Transportation Commission has approved the lower speed limits and the signs are in place, law enforcement will be enforcing the new speed limit. The new speed limit has been discussed with the Department of Public Safety as well as police departments and sheriff offices.


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