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Local Government Project Procedures Training Calendar

The Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP) Qualification Program offers classes that certify individuals to work on these projects. Individuals working directly on LGPP projects should take class, including project managers, consultants and local government employees.

The current course schedule is below. Each course begins at 8 a.m. on the start day and ends at noon on the end day.

Local Government Project Procedures

Code Start Day End Day District
CON812 01/21/15 01/22/15 El Paso
CON812 01/13/15 01/14/15
CON812 12/09/14 12/10/14 San Antonio
CON812 12/03/14 12/04/14 Fort Worth
CON812 11/04/14 11/05/14 El Paso
CON812 11/04/14 11/05/14 Pharr
CON812 09/24/14 09/25/14 Laredo
CON812 09/17/14 09/18/14 Houston
CON812 08/13/14 08/14/14 Austin-Riverside
CON812 08/05/14 08/06/14 San Antonio
CON812 07/08/14 07/09/14 Dallas
CON812 07/02/14 07/03/14 El Paso-East Area Office

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