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Bid Recording Report Solicitations - Bid Tabs

The table below contains FY 2016 bids for services, equipment and products in bulk.

Open Date Solicitation No. Description PDF
11/12/15 601440000003034 Lease High Volume, Digital Color Printers
10/19/15 601440000004586 Simtraffic V9 User License
10/15/15 601440000004198 Asbestos, Lead-in-Paint and Mold Abatement
10/01/15 601440000004477 Tactics Modular Traffic Control System
09/25/15 601440000004305 Salt (Bulk and Brine Quality)
09/24/15 601440000003368 Policy Analysis Services
09/08/15 601440000003496 Capital Projects Portfolio and Project Management Solution

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