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What's Next for I-69 Texas?

Today, there are freeway sections along the I-69 Texas system that may be close to interstate quality. Using the recommendations and guiding principles of the I-69 Advisory and Segment Committees, TxDOT is reviewing existing highways along the I-69 Texas route and working with the Federal Highway Administration and other partners to get suitable existing freeway sections designated as I-69. Using the existing US 77 near Robstown, the first 6.2 miles of I-69 Texas were established in December 2011. In July 2012, about 35 more miles of I-69 were established on the existing US 59 in the northern Houston region. Over 100 additional miles of existing highway are under review for interstate quality and designation. These existing sections include US 59 in Texarkana and US 77 and US 281 in the Rio Grande Valley.

In addition to these existing freeway section that are under review, there is over $600 million dedicated to project development along the I-69 Texas route. The I-69 funded projects map details funding for studies, design and construction along the I-69 Texas route. As additional funding becomes available, existing highways will be improved in a series of small, local-level projects. Improving the existing highway to interstate quality will allow I-69 to be developed in small sections as funding allows. These local-level improvements will eventually connect to the designated I-69 sections and continue to extend I-69 Texas.

Importance of I-69 System Designation
The I-69 Segment Committees strongly recommend that existing suitable freeway sections of the proposed system be designated as I-69 as soon as possible.

As funding allows, improvements to interstate quality will occur on small sections of the proposed I-69 system. These improvements include the following:

  • Adding overpasses at crossroads
  • Adding entrances and exit ramps
  • Expanding the existing road to a four-lane divided highway

I-69 Funding Plan
*Funding must be identified and secured before each step of the process.