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On June 28, 2012, the Texas Transportation Commission adopted the TxDOT 2013-2017 Strategic Plan. It outlines the agency's philosophy on the mission, values, goals, objectives, budgetary performance measures, strategies, and key planning contextual information that will direct the department over the next five years.

The plan also includes a description of the agency's strategic planning process, current organizational chart, workforce plan, technology initiative assessment, and a survey of employee engagement.

TxDOT Goals

Goal: Maintain a Safe System

  • Objective: Reduce crashes and fatalities on the system through innovations, technology, and public awareness
  • Objective: Maintain and preserve the transportation assets of the state of Texas

Goal: Address Congestion

  • Objective: Partner with local officials to develop and implement congestion mitigation plans in Texas

Goal: Connect Texas Communities

  • Objective: Prioritize new projects that will increase the state GDP and enhance access to goods and services throughout the state

Goal: Become a Best in Class State Agency

  • Objective: Ensure the agency deploys its resources responsibly and has a customer service mindset
  • Objective: Focus on work environment, safety, succession planning, and training to develop a great workforce

TxDOT Priorities

  • Be the safest state department of transportation in the United States
  • Develop and implement authorized Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDAs) and discuss the need for additional CDAs
  • Develop innovative maintenance approaches that reduce costs and improve/preserve transportation system conditions
  • Develop effective information systems
  • Act as resource for transportation funding
  • Implement congestion mitigation projects
  • Further strengthen and enhance our relationship with MPOs, counties, and other key stakeholders

Customer Service Report

While developing the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, TxDOT took into account its primary customers, the travelling public, and prepared a Customer Service Report.

The report includes survey results regarding service quality of the state highway system and feedback on the public's satisfaction with department business services such as facilities, staff, communications, website, compliance handling, timeliness, and printed information.

Overall, respondents had a favorable opinion of the Texas highway system and of TxDOT's customer service.

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