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Shop Drawings - Shop Plan Reviews using Adobe Acrobat

The video tutorials accessed here provide instruction on the usage of various annotation tools within Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional and similar tools in version 8 Pro and later versions.

These tools are typically necessary to complete the review of electronically submitted shop plan sets. These consist of five tutorials of about 9 to 21 minutes in length.

Note: You need Adobe Flash Player to view these tutorials.

Acrobat Video Tutorials

Title Length Format
Part 1: Toolbars 15:25
Part 2a: Annotating 17:00
Part 2b: Finalizing 21:11
Part 3: Annotating Enhancements 12:05
Part 4: Custom Tools 8:59

Custom Shop Plan Review Tools

A Shop Plan Review plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Professional is available through your District IR Admin that aids in the electronic stamping and securing of document markups. A non-TxDOT version of this plug-in is available for consultants performing shop plan reviews for your District. Advise consultants to download the Shop Plan Tools plug-in from our list of engineering software.

This set of tools enables quicker stamping of large submittals and helps provide for the security of markups by "flattening" the PDF set.

Note: "Flattening" prevents removal of markups. Password protection prevents the addition of markups. Instruct reviewers to do both after applying approval stamps and before returning the PDF shop plan set to the Fabricator.

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