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TxDOT conducts regional surveys every 10 years to identify travel patterns in urban areas across the state. The results help TxDOT and local planning organizations make cost-effective decisions about transportation projects. Types of surveys include:

  • Household
    The household survey asks randomly-selected residents to record where, when and how they travel during a single day. TxDOT takes care to ensure that a wide range of people are surveyed and that results can be expanded to characterize all residents’ travel.

  • Workplace
    The workplace survey helps determine the amount of travel generated by local businesses and organizations. Survey methods include on-site vehicle or pedestrian counts as well as interviews with employees, visitors and delivery drivers.

  • Commercial Vehicle
    The commercial vehicle survey asks local businesses and organizations to record driver trip information for a single day. These results help TxDOT estimate commercial vehicle traffic and the types of cargo being transported.

  • External
    The external survey collects data on vehicles entering, exiting, and traveling throughout the area using cellular, Bluetooth, GPS and other methods.

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