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Project Tracker

Welcome to TxDOT's project information database. We're glad you are interested in knowing more about our funded transportation projects. We continue to expand and update this database with the ultimate goal that it serves as the gateway to all of TxDOT's project-related information.

A few things to note about Project Tracker:

  1. You can locate projects by county, state/federal legislative member, and those funded under the Stimulus Program and by Prop 12 and 14 bonds.

  2. It includes projects that were in the design phase as of September 1, 2008. Updates will be made as projects progress through design and construction.

  3. TxDOT will update the Project Tracker once per month. Keep in mind that data and schedules could change as the information is updated.

  4. Many of these projects are very large and very complex. As such, shifts in funding and regional priorities can affect their status.

Again, we appreciate your continued interest in TxDOT projects and encourage you to provide us feedback on the content and structure of the Project Tracker. Once you're inside, you will see a link that will allow you to share your comments.

To view project information, please acknowledge your understanding of everything above by clicking on the "Come On In" button below.