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Loop 360 - Capital of Texas Highway

State Loop 360 provides primary access to far west Austin, acting as a thoroughfare for residents and as a commuter route for those working near and along the highway. It provides access to a major Lake Austin boat ramp as well as Travis County greenbelts. The scenic highway is also a popular recreational bike route.

In 2013, Loop 360 was the 64th most congested road in Texas with over 141,000 annual hours of delay per mile. The most recent traffic data shows the most heavily traveled point near south Mopac averaged about 70,000 cars per day.

Current Conditions

Austin’s rapid growth is increasing demand on this already congested highway. Hill Country terrain and environmental sensitivity are just some of the challenges for potential improvements.

Proposed Improvements

Planning for the future of Loop 360 will be a long-term effort. Currently no funding is available for any improvements. The conversation about the future of Loop 360 is just beginning.

Get Involved

TxDOT wants to hear about community needs, concerns and ideas for the future of Loop 360. Information gathered from the community will guide future planning.

A 12- to 18-month study will identify problems and investigate the feasibility of various short and long-term solutions. The community is encouraged to participate in this outreach effort to address all needs and concerns.

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