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SH 6 - Clay Road Intersection Harris County

The TxDOT Houston District is proposing improvements to the SH 6 and Clay Road intersection in Houston, located in Harris County, Texas.  The purpose of the project study is to improve the safety, mobility and operational efficiency of the roadway by widening the existing roadway.

Current Conditions

Currently, the SH 6 and Clay Road intersection is an at-grade, four-lane divided roadway with turn lanes.

Proposed Improvements

The study will evaluate the no-build alternative as well as build alternatives to improve capacity by adding lanes at the intersection (all at-grade) or grade separating high-volume traffic movements to accommodate future travel demands. The build alternatives will include pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, will meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and may require additional right of way, resulting in potential displacements. The proposed improvements include:

  • Adding at-grade additional lanes
  • Adding lanes with grade separation

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Reference the following project number: 1685-05-107
TxDOT Houston District
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