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Bridge Facts

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2012 Bridge Facts
2011 Bridge Facts
2010 Bridge Facts
2009 Bridge Facts
2008 Bridge Facts

Bridge Unit Costs

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2013 Bridge Unit Costs
2011 Bridge Unit Costs
2010 Bridge Unit Costs
2009 Bridge Unit Costs

Construction and Maintenance

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Asbestos Management on TxDOT Bridge Projects
Bridge Division Workshop: Bridge Deck Workshop
Bridge Division Workshop: Drilled Shaft Inspectors Workshop
Guidelines for Handling Asbestos
Grouting of Post-Tensioned Tendons
Header Type Bridge Joints
Precast Concrete Stay-In-Place Forms for Bridge Decks
Saw-Cutting Grooves on Bridge Decks
Shop Plan Contacts
Underwater Drilled Shaft Construction - Geotech
Welding Certifications


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Design Example for Two Drilled Shaft Footing Using Strut-and-Tie Method
Design Example for Elastomeric Bearings for Prestressed Concrete Beams
Design Software Programs
Detailing Guide
Pile Type Selection - Geotech
Prestressed Concrete I-Beams Distribution Factor Spreadsheet
Prestressed Concrete U-Beams Distribution Factor Spreadsheet
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Guide
Recommended Beam Spacings
Recommended Span Lengths for Double-T Beams
Recommended Span Lengths for I-Girders
Recommended Span Lengths for Slab Beams
Recommended Span Lengths for LRFD, Box Beams
Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Caps, Shear Design
Shear Design Spreadsheets
Steel Bridge Design Preferred Practices

Geotechnical Resources

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Approved Concrete Block Retaining Wall Systems
Approved MSE Panel Systems
Drilled Shaft Design Examples
Loss of Backfill in Mechanically Stabilized Earth
Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Design Example
Piling Design Examples
Proprietary Retaining Wall System Review
Spread-Footing Wall Design Example
Tied-Back Wall Design Examples
Texas Secondary Evaluation and Analysis for Scour (TSEAS)


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Critical Inspection Finding Report
Coding Guide

Report on Texas Bridges

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2012 Report on Texas Bridges
2010 Report on Texas Bridges
2008 Report on Texas Bridges
2006 Report on Texas Bridges
2004 Report on Texas Bridges
2003 Report on Texas Bridges
2002 Report on Texas Bridges

Substructure/Superstructure Design Examples and Spreadsheets

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Texas Bridge Underclearance


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Bridge Geometry System (BGS) User's Guide, Version 9 (Draft)

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